Relationship Matters

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Conflict Reduction

Why Can’t My Partner Read My Mind?

Couples need to give up the myth that their partner can read their mind, and instead, they need to figure out what they want, need, and expect in the relationship and communicate that openly to their partner.

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Conflict Reduction

The 5 Levels of Attack

Do you have the same disagreements with your partner without a healthy resolution? Understanding the five levels of attack can help you break this cycle.

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Communication Tips

4 Tips to Focus Your Conflicts

When conflict arises in your relationship it can be hard to focus on your needs rather than the problems at hand. Here are 4 tips to help.

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Conflict Reduction

Do You Know Your Triggers?

Past experiences shape how we perceive and interpret outside information. Learn how to identify your triggers and how they affect your relationship.

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Communication Tips

Is Conflict Good for My Marriage?

Avoiding conflict isn’t helping your relationship. It’s actually creating larger problems under the surface. Is their resentment hiding in your relationship? If so, what should you do about it?

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Self Care

5 Ways to Self Soothe

Self-soothing consists of giving yourself care and comfort to calm down and regulate your emotions. It’s important to do this after an argument so you don’t build anger and resentment toward your partner.

What are you really arguing about?

Pinpoint the areas of your relationship that need the most work and learn how to fix them.