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Communication Tips

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Communication Tips

4 Tips to Focus Your Conflicts

When conflict arises in your relationship it can be hard to focus on your needs rather than the problems at hand. Here are 4 tips to help.

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Communication Tips

Is Conflict Good for My Marriage?

Avoiding conflict isn’t helping your relationship. It’s actually creating larger problems under the surface. Is their resentment hiding in your relationship? If so, what should you do about it?

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Communication Tips

Stop Fighting and Start Confiding

We all have a choice in our relationships to attack, avoid or confide our partners. Confiding can be a risk but it helps improve communication and create more intimacy.

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Communication Tips

How to Take an Uncompromising Stand

People who cannot stand up to abusive or disrespectful behavior will continue to be mistreated by their partners. You can change this pattern by making some changes in how you communicate with your partner.

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Communication Tips

How to Stand Up For Yourself

Standing up for yourself is an important relationship skill. Instead of trying to prove your partner wrong, ask them to consider your needs and meet you halfway.

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Communication Tips

Why You Can’t Just Give In

It’s okay if you and your partner don’t agree on every issue. You are separate people with unique wants and needs. But that doesn’t mean your relationship can’t work.

What You Are Really Arguing About

Pinpoint the areas of your relationship that need the most work and learn how to fix them.