Individual Therapy

I work extensively with individuals looking to improve relationships with themselves and the people closest to them. 

Individual relationship counseling is perfect for those whose partner isn’t ready to come to therapy, or for those who want to work on their part of the relationship without their partner. 

I am trained in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), an innovative and creative therapeutic modality that aids us in being with painful thoughts and emotions in a new way, changing what can be changed, accepting what we can’t control, and taking committed action toward our goals.

We’ll work collaboratively to:

  • Decrease stress, worry, and anxiety
  • Effectively handle difficult thoughts, feelings, and situations
  • Stop self-defeating patterns
  • Set meaningful goals based on your values
  • Increase your feelings of self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-compassion
  • Take an honest look at your relationship struggles
  • Learn the skills you need to improve your relationships with others
  • Evaluate the stories you are believing about yourself and those closest to you that keep you stuck
  • Make difficult relationship decisions such as whether to stay or go 
  • Handle overwhelm more effectively


And when talking is not enough, I invite you to try Brainspotting Therapy.  

Individual Therapy FAQs

My fee for individual therapy is $130/hr.

I do not take insurance but would be happy to provide you with a superbill for submission for possible reimbursement. Please contact your insurance company in advance to determine your out of network coverage

In your first therapy session, I spend a lot of time getting to know you and what matters to you. 

We will begin to establish our therapeutic relationship, determine what you would like to work on and identify your goals for being in therapy.  

If you are in a relationship, there is a lot we can do to assess your relationship’s strengths and weaknesses and begin to change unproductive patterns, with just one person. I teach crucial relational and communication skills that can begin to turn around a relationship that has been stuck, even if you are the only one who is working on it right now. 

Therapy can be such an important component to creating a sense of happiness and well-being, that you owe it to yourself to try again. Sometimes people just don’t click with a certain therapist. It’s important to make sure you choose someone who makes you feel safe, comfortable, understood and validated and who has the right experience to expertly guide you. 

I offer a 20 minute complimentary phone call so that you can see if I can be helpful to you in whatever your are struggling with.

More Therapy Services

Relationship Counseling

With advanced training in two of the premiere couple therapy modalities—Gottman Method Couples Therapy and The Development Model—I teach critical relationship skills including: communication, conflict management, limit setting, repair after things get challenging, and much more.

Brainspotting Therapy

For the client who needs to go deeper than traditional talk therapy can offer, I utilize a cutting-edge, research backed, mind-body-relational therapy that utilizes focused mindfulness to quickly and efficiently get to core issues and resolve them. Brainspotting Therapy can reduce the impact of negative life experiences.